Our Service

The ECM Inc. is specialized on roofing in West Virginia, and all our workers are true professionals in this area. They don’t just do their job, they also consult and recommend. So, before starting the process of roofing, every ECM Inc. worker will talk to you about your preferences. You will get a consultation on the range of materials that can be used, on the designs available, etc.

Roofing in West Virginia

First and foremost, we offer every client high-quality roofing in West Virginia. We cooperate with the best local and nationwide companies that supply us with materials and new technologies. We are proud to say that our company is one of the most modern in the field, as we research, test, and adopt every technology that may be useful for us.

Where We Roof

Most of the orders are from the people who need roofing for their houses. However, we also perform the same tasks for office buildings, hotels, warehouses, etc. All the buildings have different specifications, and we know all of them, so constructing any roof isn’t a problem for us.

What Else We Offer

We also offer considerable support to those who still aren’t sure what they need. We consult our clients on every aspect of roofing in West Virginia, as well on other construction-connected processes. Our people can come to your building and recommend you what to do on site, or you can send us photos. If your question doesn’t need the look on your house, we will answer it as it is.

Why Us

We think that a well-constructed house, warehouse, or office determines a great deal for the people who will live, store, or work there. The quality means a lot, as well as the design and the price. We do our best to combine these three things in the balance our company holds as a standard. We provide you with durable roofs from any materials possible and for any building, and you don’t have to pay a fortune for this.

Contact Us for Further Information

Besides, we can provide you with other services of construction and redecoration. The skills of our people are diverse, so to make sure we perform what you need, contact us. We will help you with anything we can, sending our best people to repair or finish the construction of your building. Write us if you have more questions on roofing in West Virginia, what our company stands for, and why you should choose us.